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William Wertz 05.31.10 at 12:42 pm

I ‘inherited’ 2 Eclipse reel movers (not motorized). I think they are model “L”. One has 10″wheels, and the other has 8″ wheels. There are numbers on the inside of the wheels. They are in perfect working order, although they have been used. No rust at all. What would their value be?

Thanks for any insight.


steve 06.02.10 at 6:05 am

@William Wertz, Use the link below to contact the gentleman who operates the site, he will be more qualified to estimate a value.

William Wertz 06.02.10 at 6:46 am


Thank you – I will contact him.

Bill 05.26.11 at 3:30 am

Hi — Very informative site! The videos linked under “Reel Mower Disadvantages / 2. If you let the grass get too tall …” seem to be missing from the site. Could you put them back up? After recovering from a sprained ankle, I’ll be pushing through some tall grass this weekend! Thanks.

steve 05.27.11 at 8:34 am

@Bill, Try knocking the grass down with a weed trimmer and if possible find somone with an electric mower you could borrow.

keith 05.29.11 at 10:59 am

I have a Scotts 10M9. Do I have to use a special crank to sharpen it or is there a another way to get this done, perhaps with a socket wrench or something else? Thanks

steve 05.31.11 at 6:28 am

@keith, Yes, a socket wrench will work in place of the crank for sharpening the Scotts reel mower.

Laura 09.16.11 at 6:18 am

I have, The Silent Scotts modle number 5M62 mower How old is it ?

steve 09.16.11 at 11:43 am

@Laura, Sorry but I am not an expert on these older models, take a look at this site, he may be able to tell you:

Lois Layman 03.20.13 at 10:58 am

i have a antique reel type mower that was made by the f&n lawn mower co. ,RICHMOND ind. It is great shape. would like to know what colors of paint were used on it as I would like to restore it. The patd. date is July 2, 1912. The handle is wood and marked director ball bearing. any information would be vwry helpfull.

steve 04.09.13 at 8:14 am

@Lois Layman, Try this site, he knows about older mowers –

Laura 04.29.15 at 9:28 am

Did you ever find out how old that 5M62 Scotts mower is? I have one also and haven’t been able to find anything from the above web site.

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