Gudenaa Reel Lawnmower Information


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Gudenaa Reel Mower Summary

The Gudenaa reel mower is a Scandinavian made reel mower.

Assembling a Gudenaa Reel Mower

The mower comes fully assembled, except for the handle. The handle consists of two parts, a top and a bottom. Pop the bottom part onto the pegs on the mower body, and then connect the top and bottom parts of the handle together with the included wing nuts. That’s all there is to it, and you are ready to start using the mower.

Changing the Cutting Height for the Gudenaa Reel Mower

gudenaa cutting height

This is also incredibly easy. To adjust the cutting height, you’ll find four holes and a spring loaded roller behind the mower. Simply pull out the knob and let it pop into a different hole so that it matches on both sides of the mower, and you have adjusted the cutting height.

Adjusting the Blades on the Gudenaa Reel Mower

So wait a second! What’s the difference between adjusting the blades and changing the cutting height? The cutting height adjustment changes how high the grass is cut. The blade adjustment adjusts how the reel turns inside the mower, keeping the blades cutting properly when the reel turns. The Gudenaa reel mower comes with the blades pre-adjusted, so you won’t need to mess with it initially.

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Cool Features of the Gudenaa Reel Mower

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Where to buy the Gudenaa Reel Lawn Mower

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Other Information About Using Push Reel Lawnmowers

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